All you will ever need to know about Mariachi!

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Unlocking the secrets of the most popular Hispanic music in the world.

Your appreciation for mariachi music will grow rapidly when your understanding of both the music and the lyrics increases.

The book explores mariachi in a clear, concise fashion. Although written originally, and primarily, for the non-Hispanic reader, it has been embraced by ALL who are looking for: 

  • more knowledge of mariachi history 
  • answers to their FAQs 
  • comprehension of the 'stories' told by each song

In addition, a poll of the leading mariachi experts in both Mexico and the United States has produced a consensus ranked list of the 50 Most Requested Songs for you to use, sing, or play. Included are:

  1. the sheet music, with chords
  2. the Spanish lyrics 
  3. a line-by-line English translation

So... who will benefit from using this valuable little book? And how can you maximize your benefits from its utilization? First, click on each heading on the left side of this page to 'show and tell' all you need to know About The Book. If you are interested in a quantity purchase, go to the right side and investigate the appropriate Wholesale Promotions.

Once you've completed your search, you'll be ready to utilize Mariachi for Gringos. Keep in mind that Webster defines utilize as "the means to participate and profit from a particular endeavor."

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