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If you are responsible for marketing an airline anywhere in the world that counts Mexico as one of its destinations (and these include the following : AeroCalifornia, AeroCaribe, AeroCozumel, Aerlineas Argentinas, Aerliteral,AeroMexico,Alaska, American Airlines,America West, Atlas Air, Avianca, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Continental, Delta, Iberia, KLM, LanChile, LTU, Lufthansa, Mexicana, Northwest, TAESA, United, and US Air), we are happy to welcome you to the section of the Mariachi for Gringos website created expressly for you.

In your position you are sincerely interested in having your passengers begin their Mexican experience as soon as possible after they board one of your planes bound for their destination. We can actually help you achieve that goal BEFORE your passengers climb on board. In fact, as soon as they purchase their ticket, their travel adventure can begin through the magic of Mariachi for Gringos. As soon as a copy of this book is in their hands and they can begin to read about (and enjoy) the music of the wonderful country they are about to visit, they are vicariously on their way.

To check out what they will be experiencing, click on to the 'See Sample' rollover.The cost to your organization for providing this valuable volume to each and every one of your customers is a great investment in insuring that they will have a wonderful time once they arrive...and will think of your organization for future travel to Mexico when the occasion arises again in the near future.

Now click on to Contact Us or Buy Now for how to proceed and to insure that the repeat business that is at the heart of every profitable endeavor will be yours going forward.

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