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If you are a Ballet Folklorico Director connected with an educational institution (elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, or university/four-year college), you have arrived at the section of the Mariachi for Gringos website created expressly for you.

If, on the other hand, you are a Professional Ballet Folklorico Director (your troupe dances not only for the enjoyment, but for the financial rewards that it provides, as well), you have also arrived at the right location.

If you are in the first category, the primary question you need answered can we raise the most funds to cover our immediate needs (costumes,costume repair, choreography, travel expenses, etc) while most efficiently expanding our potential audience base?

If you are in the second category, your primary question that needs answering do we maximize the financial rewards from our efforts?

Interestingly enough, the best answer to both questions involves Mariachi for Gringos.

As the director of a school based ballet folklorico, you have probably tried at least three fundraising techniques: the ubiquitous car wash, selling candy, and raffling off tickets on donated merchandise (or a sum of money). All three have probably provided funds but they have also probably fallen short of your most optimistic goals and they have not really appreciably expanded your potential audience base.

As the director of the professional ballet folklorico troupe ('we perform for the joy of dance and the pay we receive, too'), you are limited by what your advance fundraising brings in, as well as by the pre-negotiated fee your troupe receives for its performance.

Regardless of where your group fits on the educational spectrum, Mariachi for Gringos will help to solve both problems.The music to which you dance is very important to your performance's success (Jarabe Tapatio, for instance); in addition, if your dance is to music that has a lyric sung in Spanish, having your audience (whether Spanish-speakers or not) understanding the story behind the music will definitely help to make the performance more enjoyable for all the spectators. Mariachi for Gringos, pre-sold as a fundraising mechanism...and available to the audience at the actual performance itself (like a translated libretto at an opera) will increase the money raised, as well as the enjoyment of the attendees. Couple these advantages with a very attractive difference between your purchasing price for each book and what you will sell the books for (your profit), as well as no need to prepay for books before you sell them...and it becomes readily apparent why this is the fundraiser you've been searching for!!!

The same advantages hold true for the professional troupe. A true appreciation of your art comes from an understanding and enthusiastic audience in attendance. When this is coupled with the profit that you will make from selling each and every book to an expanding fan base, your professional (and financial) growth will be meshed smoothly going forward. As your repertoire increases, as long as the music accompanying your dancing is part of the book, it will be used over-and-over by your attendees.

Click on to 'Contact Us' or 'Buy Now.' We'll be happy to assist you in getting started with your effective fundraising...and audience expansion... program.

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