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If you are the Director of Purchasing for a Book Store
or a Gallery/Museum gift store, you have arrived at
the section of the Mariachi for Gringos website created expressly for you.

The primary question you need answered can I sell through Mariachi for Gringos?

A recent example, a Book Signing featuring the book and its author at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art in Santa Ana, CA, will be illustrative. The store's Director of Purchasing, Pauline Rusterholtz, scheduled the event far enough in advance to allow both dissemination of printed flyers AND 'word of mouth' advertising to create a 'buzz' for the event. In addition, copies of the books, as well
as the flyers printed in color, were displayed on their own pedestals throughout the store.

On the day of the signing,
the Director not only offered a special one day discount on all the store's merchandise AND refreshments (hot chocolate and cookies) for
all the store's patrons, but she arranged for another of her store's 'suppliers,' a wonderful guitarist from Ecuador, Galo Nuñez, to be on site to play the Top 50 mariachi songs included in the book per the prospective customers' requests. I supplied 'loaner' books for all to 'test drive' so the group sing along was really something special!

Not only did everybody have a great time, but ALL of the books on hand were sold (as well as many of Galo's marvelous CDs, already in stock as well) and another substantive order for Mariachi for Gringos books was placed.

To receive more information on the Book Signing at the Bowers, you may link up with Pauline at or e-mail her here: Rusters.

For more information on Galo's well as his may link up with his site, or e-mail him here: Guitarra.

We look forw
ard to hearing from you.

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