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If you are the owner (and/or manager) of a Mexican restaurant that features live music at least one night a week, you have arrived at the section of Mariachi for Gringos created expressly for you.

The major question that you want answered (of course) can Mariachi for Gringos increase my restaurant's business?

First, let's take a look at the demographic make-up of your clientele. If it is predominantly Hispanic, you're probably wondering if this little book can help. Why would a book entitled Mariachi for Gringos be of interest to a Spanish-speaker of quite probably Mexican descent. I'll tell you a few short true stories that will show you not only how it will be of interest to this specific clientele but how it will increase your business.

I have a home in Baja. The first book sale I made was to a neighboring 'local,' a good friend of my wife. When Alma asked to buy my book, I asked why...since it was specifically aimed at (or so I thought) non-Spanish speakers. She asked me if I, as an American, knew the titles of the Top 50 Most Requested Rock-and-Roll songs of all time? I admitted that I did not. Then she asked me if I knew the lyrics to any of them? I realized that (from start to finish) I knew only a few. Then she said that Mexican people would buy the book, whether or not they spoke English, to get access to the cinquenta canciones y letras.This was definitely an 'eye opener.' Since that time, my doorbell rings at least once a day and people as diverse as Salvador (the proprietor of Guadalupe's Curios), Berta (the owner of Vivero Central), Machado (a back-hoe operator), Geni (the wife of Esteban, the local electrician), and Eva (her sister) come to buy the book...and not, I assure you, because of its English contents!

I teach physical education in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. Most of the Hispanic teachers at my schools began buying MULTIPLE copies of the book almost immediately from its initial date of publication. I asked Melissa C. why she was buying them. She said when she and her husband would go out to a cantina with mariachi, they could only remember a handful of songs to request. She said that the other copies were for gifts to their American friends who repeatedly refused to go out with them for a night on the town becuase they did not understand the lyrics of the mariachi songs (which are sung in Spanish); now, with Mariachi for Gringos their friends could not only 'sing along,' they would know (simultaneously, due to the line-by-line English translation) what those lyrics meant. In addition , the answers to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) would make the entire procedure more user friendly to'gringo' customers. No more 'deer caught in the headlights' response from first-timers!

The bottom line is that Hispanic customers will now have 50 possibilities which should keep them enjoying your restaurant's hospitality for a significantly longer time. And, now, their 'gringo' friends will feel comfortable in accompanying them to your establishment...which could (really) DOUBLE your business. OK...lets say I'm overly optimistic; however, it seems to be a 'no brainer' that keeping your existing customers in their seats for an additional period of time (which should be SIGNIFICANT) will DEFINITELY increase your business.

So...what's your next step? Start by clicking on to the 'Top 50' and 'See Samples' rollovers (and, if you have time, check out the rest of them, too). Then, when you're ready to proceed, click on either 'Contact Us' or 'Buy Now' and we'll get you started.

One more thing: if you've got a website and you become a customer of ours, we'll offer you the ability (at no charge) to link up with us so that anyone that visits Mariachi for Gringos will know that yours is a venue that is understanding to the 'Spanishally Challenged' amongst us!

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