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Mariachi for Gringos

"Immensely readable, but even more usable. This collection of all-you-need-to-know about mariachi, whether you're a 'gringo' or not, is indispensable to anyone interested in having a great time when you are anywhere that this infectious music is being performed."
- Christina Tostado, Special Products Buyer, Bowers Museum, Huntington Beach,CA

"Wow! This take-along little volume proves, once again, that great works often come in small packages, This is all you need to progress from a neophyte to an aficionado in one enjoyable evening."
-Joy DuRae Eicher, U.S. Government Teacher, Battle Creek, MI

"Gracias Amigo! My husband and I have always enjoyed listening (and dancing) to mariachi songs. Now we appreciate them so much more after reading this book. It is a valuable gem for everyone."
- Helena Sabala, Principal, Valle Lindo Elementary School, Chula Vista, CA

"...An eye (and an ear) opener for all 'gringos' and not-so-gringos. Great research, logically arranged...proving that it can still be fun to learn. It certainly helped me understand a vital part of my culture as I sang along with the songs included...Only mariachi music gives you this rush!"
-Enrique Villalvazo, Attorney-at-law, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

"You enter a Mexican restaurant and everyone is singing in Spanish (some dancing as well) to a mariachi band. This book will let you have fun; just like everybody else is having once you get seated. The 50 songs included that you can request--in particular the melodies and their English translations--will let you know what everyone, now including you, is singing about."
-John Kenney Crane, Dean Emeritus, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

"Thoroughly enjoyable... both informative and easy to read. Although I grew up in a traditional Mexican home, I still had many unanswered questions about this music. I would recommend this volume to anyone wanting to learn more about mariachi that is now being performed internationally, even up here in 'The Last Frontier."
-Adam Galindo Jr., Vice President, Taco Loco Products, Anchorage, AK

" The Spanish conquistadores never found the mythical cities of gold. Instead, they accidently co-created the golden age of Mariachi--a musical tradition flowing out of the soul of Jalisco that ran as deep and rich as the silver mines of Taxco. The author expertly weaves the threads of language, history, and music that make up this rich tapestry."
-Jerome Kocher, World History Teacher, Sweetwater High, National City, CA.

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