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The genesis of Mariachi for Gringos owes much to a particular music store who, for now, should probably remain nameless. After my son, Matthew, a wonderful professional musician (who, by the way, had recorded with the likes of David Byrne and Tom Waits) returned from Jalisco in 2003, he asked my wife and I to come up for a visit to his Oakland, CA home. He had recorded two CDs while in Mexico with wonderful (and, at that time virtually unknown) mariacheros. During our time together, he suggested that I write a book which has now evolved into Mariachi for Gringos. He recommended that I visit a music store in my home area and purchase the sheet music for some of the mariachi 'classics' that he had heard during his trip south-of-the border.I never saw Matthew alive after that night. He was taken from us shortly thereafter in a horrendous accident as he rode his bicycle to his day job at Leapfrog in Berkeley, CA where he was creating software to help young children better appreciate music.

Strangely enough, I could not locate the music I needed in ANY American music store. A good friend, Attorney Enrique Villalvazo, helped me locate what I needed to get started in Tijuana. After the project was completed (three years later) in mid-summer 2006, I returned to the very same American music store whose lack of help . . . and paucity of product . . .was actually an additional impetus for writing Mariachi for Gringos. The young man at the front counter on this recent visit, a guitarist, loved the book so much that he immediately bought one. He then tried to convince the store manager (who did come by to shake my hand) and the buyer (who informed him by telephone that she had 'no open to buy') of the validity of our little book but to no avail. Go figure!

So, here's where you come in . . . if YOU can see the potential of Mariachi for Gringos (in fact, mariachi music itself . . . the History, FAQs, Playlist and the TOP 50 lead sheets with Spanish and line-by-line English translations), you should be in for significant and profitable sales. Remember, this music is not merely played by the mariachi in the restaurants and on the streets of Mexico. For instance, Andrea Bocelli's latest best selling album, 'Amore,' produced by the prolific Emmy-winner David Foster (and the subject of a much viewed PBS special) includes four of the songs included in our book (including a duet on 'Somos Novios' with pop superstar, Christina Aguilera). If you are now interested in learning more, please get in touch by going to the 'Contact Us' or 'Buy' Now' rollovers. We'll be happy to tell you about the potential (for instance, according to the latest US Census Bureau Statistics, 37% of the population of California, right now-2007- is Hispanic)! We look forward to hearing from you.









































































































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