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If you are responsible for selecting the products at your company that are stocked to produce direct sales revenue for your retail store(s), we are happy to welome you to the section of the Mariachi for Gringos website created expressly for you.

No matter what type of a retail operation that you are involved in (except for Book Stores and Music Stores, which have their own special sections), the question that you are most interested in answering is . . . how can this book create additional sales volume for my store (whether a chain operation or an independent one-of-a-kind operation)? To best evaluate the opportunity, you need to look critically . . . and quantitatively . . . at your customer demographic. Chances are, it is increasingly Hispanic.

Perhaps the best way to begin is to by examining statistics from the most recent U.S Census Bureau Press Release. Let's look at the numbers vis-a-vis Hispanics:

44.2 million...current Hispanic population of the US
22.4 million...Hispanic population of US in 1990
14%...our largest minority
1...of every two people added to our daily population
102.6 million...projected Hispanic population in 2050
64%...proportion of Hispanics who are of Mexican origin
18%...of elementary, middle, high students are Hispanic
11%...of our population under the age of 5 are Hispanic
65%...of our Hispanic children live with both parents
38,500...number of Hispanic physicians and surgeons
50,400...Hispanic post-secondary teachers
53,400...Hispanic CEO's
38,000...Hispanic lawyers
31 million...age 5 and older who speak Spanish at home
50% of these say they also speak English "very well"
49% of the Hispanic origin population live in CA & TX
13 states have 500,000 + Hispanic residents...they are
Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington.
43% of New Mexico's population is Hispanic...#1 ranking
37% of California's population is Hispanic...#2 ranking
35% of Texas' population is Hispanic...#3 ranking
4.6 million...Los Angeles County's Hispanic population

Three additional statistics from Time magazine's recent 'America By the Numbers' issue (celebrating our 300 millionth citizen) only reinforce the obvious:
1. Hispanics are the only group having more than enough children to replace themselves in the population.
2. Today, 53% of our foreign born come from Latin America, most from Mexico.
3. About half of all U.S. population growth is occurring among Hispanics.The median age for Hispanics is just 26.

Our product, Mariachi for Gringos, is uniquely positioned to appeal to both your Hispanic and non-Hispanic shoppers. It has been called ". . the bridge between two cultures" by a very perceptive Chula Vista, CA school teacher.

Several books can be displayed in a very limited space at the check out area. The striking cover design will attract the attention of customers waiting to pay. Statistics show that 8 seconds is the optimum time that should be spent looking at the front cover. If it is an effective cover, it will induce the casual browser to turn over to the back cover for an additional maximum of 15 seconds. Finally, if truly effective, the interested party will then turn to the inside back cover. If this scenario occurs in your store, you will have a significant dollars per square foot return on your investment. To achieve this success, you must have Mariachi for Gringos on display!

Check out the front cover on the Home Page, then click on the Back Cover and Top 50 rollovers to see what we mean. Then, proceed to 'Contact Us' and 'Buy Now' to get started. You will be glad you did!

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