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If you are responsible for marketing a travel agency that books travel and/or accomodations for your clients in Mexico, we are happy to welcome you to the section of the Mariachi for Gringos website created expressly for you.

People travel to Mexico in a variety of ways . . . via automobile, bus, train, plane, or cruise ship. They also travel there for a variety of reasons . . . business, pleasure, or, increasingly, to pursue buying (or building) a second (vacation or retirement) home. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times by Ann Brenoff (10/22/06) tells us that 1.5 million American citizens currently own real estate in Mexico. That number is projected to climb to 12 million by the year 2025!

In any event, your firm is responsible for booking the travel and accomodations for Americans heading south-of-the-border, whatever the purpose for their trip. It would certainly be advantageous for all if your customers could begin experiencing Mexico as soon as they make their reservations.This is now possible, thanks to the magic provided by Mariachi for Gringos. The easy-to-read format of this compact easy-to-carry volume, created expressly for travelers, contains a brief history of the country, its culture, and its marvelous music, as well as the Top 50 most requested songs (complete music and lyrics, in both Spanish and English). It serves as a marvelous introduction for the first-time traveler or as an invigorating refresher for the repeat visitor.

To check out what they will be experiencing, click on to the 'See Sample' rollover. The cost to your organization for providing this valuable volume to each and every one of your clients is a great investment in insuring that they will have a memorable travel experience (both before, during, and after they arrive) booked by your company . . . and that they will definitely favor you with their subsequent travel, as well as make positive referrals to others interested in traveling to Mexico.

Now, click on to 'Contact Us' or 'Buy Now' for how to proceed and lock-up that repeat business, the heart-and-soul of every profitable endeavor.

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