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Mariachi for Gringos is the perfect title to appeal to all readers...both non-Spanish speakers and Hispanics. That is not just the author's is the opinion of Edgardo Moctezuma, the erudite owner of Latin-American Book Source, one of the largest distributors of this genre's titles in the United States. If you will visit their website you will find that, as of 12/7/2006, Mariachi for Gringos was the 'Featured Selection'. This is extremely 'fast company' for our book since that same site also features current titles from some of the true giants of both fiction and non-fiction writing in this hemisphere (notable amongst them are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Carlos Fuentes, Jorge Borja, Alberto Bravo, and Isabel Allende, to name just a few). If you are in the market for a Latin-American classic (or even translations of North American titles like Mi Vida by Bill Clinton), you can not find a better selection at the best possible prices than that offered by this prestigious firm. By the way, their retail showroom, at 289 3rd Avenue in the historic downtown section of Chula Vista, CA is a wonderful place to wile away significant time browsing in a veritable wonderland overflowing with the finest products of some of our planet's finest authors. The bookstore is eponymously named, Moctezuma Books.

In any event, the review of Mariachi for Gringos (especially considering the source, a former Princeton University professor) on their site is quite remarkable. To quote,"...This is the only portable, comprehensive collection of the Mariachi top 50...lyrics in Spanish & English translations. The book includes a 35 page essay about the history of Mariachi music, lead sheets, including melody line and chord symbols. The book is perfect for vocals, guitar and piano. This book is a great introduction to Mariachi music... a great reference book."

Latin-American Book Source counts amongst its esteemed clients most of the top public libraries, as well as those of the nation's finest colleges and universities. We are honored to have them as one of our distributors to the institutions of higher learning in our country.

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