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If you are the person responsible for finding the best methods of marketing Mexican branded products, we are happy to welcome you to the section of the Mariachi for Gringos website created expressly for you. 

No matter what type of Mexican branded product company you work for, the question that you are most interested in answering is . . . how can this book create additional significant sale volume for my product? Although I'm sure that you are familiar with your customer demographics, the most current figures we could find (from both the U.S. Census Bureau and Time magazine) are clearly stated under the Retail Store Buyers section . . . so please feel free to browse there if you are looking for more background information.

Perhaps the sharpest delineation of the potential tie-in between our Mariachi for Gringos and your product is the quote that we chose to put in the primary position in our book . . .

"The only thing more Mexican than tequila is mariachi and it seems a shame to have one without the other." Camille Collins, 'What is Mariachi?'

If your Mexican branded product is tequila, then fine. If it is not, replace tequila with your product. Is your product a particular brand of cerveza? Is it albondigas, bunuelos, chipotles, dulce de leche, enchiladas, flan, gorditas, helados, Ibarra, jamon serrano, Kiko's Tortas, limonada, mantequilla, nueces, ostiones, paletas, queso, rajas, salsa, tortillas, uvas, vino, Waleed's Jalapeno Hummus, Xochitl's Aztec Tamales, Yaqui's Tacos, or zarzuela? By the way, notice that we have just listed products that can be eaten and imbibed (which is what many people do when they listen to mariachi). You may have a Mexican branded product that is not to be eaten or drunk (for instance, silver jewelry from Taxco) that ties in with mariachi equally as well.

Now that we have identified whether or not your product might benefit from the 'tie in' with mariachi, the connection to Mariachi for Gringos becomes clear. Purchasing your product in the desired quantity (lets say a case of Corona or Dos Equis, for instance) would qualify the customer to receive a free copy of the book. Next time that customer goes to hear live mariachi in a restaurant or cantina, (accompanied by the copy of Mariachi for Gringos that you provided) it is a good bet that they will repay your company's largesse by specifically asking for (by name) your product while enjoying the fun and frivolity of the evening. Customer loyalty (the 'repeat business' you are looking for) was never easier to earn!

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